Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Dispensary?

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Dispensary?

We take a lot of time and do a lot of research on the doctor we are consulting and the salon we are getting our hair done in, but we don’t really conduct a research on the pharmacy Takapuna where we get all our medicines from.

Aren’t all pharmacies the same? Well, on the surface they kind of are, but if you look deeper, each pharmacy varies. Your life is at risk if your pharmacist gets the medicine wrong or does not provide you with enough information.

How do you choose the right place?

Many of us settle with pharmacies that are close by, the location is important but there are other things that are equally important. Drugs can be really expensive, so you need to ensure that your pharmacy accepts a wide range of insurance plans including the one you currently have, if you don’t have any insurance plans, you should check if your pharmacy sells generic drugs as they are much cheaper.

It would be an added advantage If your pharmacy has a wide range of medicines, that includes over the counter products such as Tylenol, cough drops etc. An online pharmacy will also be a huge bonus, as you can buy the prescription medications, condoms or even buy the morning after pill online. This way you can get all the things in one place without having to rush to multiple shops.

 What to look for in a pharmacist?

The pharmacist is important as much as the pharmacy is, in fact, I can say that the pharmacist is more important than the pharmacy itself as they are the ones who represent the entire pharmacy. They should be friendly, provide a good customer service and help you with any issues you have with your medications.

Looking beyond nice gestures and courtesy, your pharmacist should be very knowledgeable and be ready to fill you with information regarding any medications. The pharmacist should also be fast in the service he provides you with. So, far I’ve had a good experience with the pharmacy in Hauraki, I don’t know about the others, but if your pharmacy ticks all these boxes then stick with it.

More importantly, don’t switch between pharmacies on a regular basis, it might be okay to switch doctors but having one pharmacist to deal with your entire medical history would always be beneficial. For example, if you are in a number of medications, your pharmacist can help to cut them down by suggesting other medications that serve a common purpose. They would also be able to inform you if any over the counter medications you take would interfere with your current medications.

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