Why Colonoscopy Is Done

Why Colonoscopy Is Done

Every individual suffers from several diseases when they reach at an old age because as the person grows older, many diseases take place and there is not one particular disease that occurs to every individual. Every individual’s body is different and every individual suffers from different diseases because diseases are the part of life which we all have to face. When we are younger, doctors just prescribe us the medicines which we take on the time and get fit and healthy but when the symptoms are severe, doctors recommend tests to find out what is actually causing the problem. But at the old age, doctors do not take any risk and just recommend tests before anything gets severe because the body of a human being gets internally weak so any risks should be prevented. There are many diseases that happen to human beings out of which one disease occurs in our colon which might cause colon cancer if not treated well. However, no doctor can investigate the actual problem so they recommend a colonoscopy. Let us discuss why a colonoscopy is done.

Investigate abdominal symptoms

A colonoscopy is not particularly done to investigate one particular problem occurred in your intestines. People face different issues in their intestines such as abdominal pain, persistent diarrhea, constant constipation, bleeding from the large intestine through the anus etc. All these problems related to the intestine can be investigated through colonoscopy. It will help the doctor find out what is causing all these problems and after that, the doctor will treat you accordingly because the treatment cannot be done without knowing what the problem actually is.

Monitor colon cancer

When you reach at the age of 50 or 55, there are chances for colon cancer if you are persistently facing issues in your intestine because the chances of any kind of cancer get high when we get older. So if you have reached at the age of 50 and facing problems in your intestine, you must visit your doctor, he might recommend you colonoscopy to monitor colon cancer, he might recommend you colonoscopy every 10 or 12 years. So it is essential to visit your doctor before taking any step.

Search for polyps

Colonoscopy is done to search for polyps in your intestine which is the major cause for colon cancer. Not only it is done to search for polyps, but it is done to remove additional polyps as well to minimise the possibility of colon cancer.

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