Staying Healthy The Right Way

Staying Healthy The Right Way

Today people are consumed by what they see on media. They want to dress and style themselves like all thepublic figures and celebrities they see in media. Everyone wants to be slim and they want to do their makeupandhair styles. They are in a continuous run of beautifying themselves. They spend their time, money and energy to satisfy this need of theirs. It is all the influence of the media on them that they have no choice but to fall for it. So it has now become a serious issue for most people especially girls.

Looking good

The process of looking good has now gone to fatal extents in most young people. They try to be someone who they are not and they mainlyfocus on weight loss. This is extremely dangerous as for some exercise and other diet plans are not to be followed in order to keepthe body healthy or fit but in order to deal with weight loss Newcastleand look extremely thin. 

The impact

They do not understand the impact of what they are doing and they suffer alone till it is too late. Most of the time people do not understand or realise that someone around them is actually going through such a phase till it is too late and it starts to become obvious. 


Sometimes this can even lead to death if you deprive yourselfof food. Ifyou identify someonearound you goingthroughsuch a problem you should immediately get help for them. This is therefore very important. These individuals will be mentally down as well as they would be having a lot ofself-esteem issues. You can give them immediate attention taking them to a psychologist for trusted psychotherapy or counselling so that you can improve on the way they think and perceive the world and themselvesbefore you take them to a doctor or dietician to discuss on their meal plans.This is very important because mentalstability is vital for a healthy living.


Youngsters today should be monitored about their exposure to media along with a knowledge of how they perceive them. Even at schools they can now conduct workshops or other heath programs to raise awareness to such issues. Schools should have programs that help children to learn to love their bodies and learn how to look after it and maintain it, in order to be healthy. They should be taught that beauty come from being fit and healthy and not by going to extreme levels that could be very harmful and threatening to life.

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