7 Conditions That Will Make You Visit A Podiatrist

Long-standing medical problems, for example arthritis or diabetes, can lead to problems of feet or ankles. However, even day-to-day situations, such as overwork or improperly fitting shoes, can lead to severe, irregular pain. In such cases, a podiatrist’s attention will in all likelihood bring you fast diagnosis and speedy recovery.

Podiatrists of a reputed podiatry clinic are specialists who can provide a good variety of treatments for ailments of the feet, ankles and lower legs. Apart from determining and curing illnesses, the doctor also performs surgery. Below are some situations in which the care of podiatrist is very helpful.

  • You are a regular runner
    People who run regularly become vulnerable to foot aches and shin splint type of pain. For them, a podiatrist of a good foot clinic Melbourne can run a checkup of their body and feet and let them know of potential issues. He would then recommend means to avoid the causes of such inconveniences. Moreover, he would also be able to advice on the correct kind of athletic shoe.
    • Your feet or ankle joints have started to ache
      A large number of Americans come to be affected by arthritis. People who experience swollenness, redness, stiffness or tenderness of feet should see a podiatrist. Arthritis can lead to a change in the way your feet function and can cause disability. A podiatrist is aware of therapy for preserving joint health so that your daily life becomes easier.
      • You are a diabetes patient
        People with diabetes are more vulnerable to foot problems. The problems range from mild ones, like dry skin to more severe ones, like serious infections. People with diabetes should get their feet examined by a podiatrist at least one time per year.
        • Your activities are being hampered due to heel pain
          Heel pain has a variety of causes. Your heel may have developed a bony outgrowth known as a heel spur. Or, you may have a swelled tendon connecting to the heel. A podiatrist will be able to diagnose a nagging heel pain problem. He will give your feet a thorough examination and take some X-Ray images.
          • A stiff ingrown toenail can cause a problem
            An ingrown toenail penetrates the skin and can lead to an infection. Excessive redness or drainage on the toenail is one of the reasons why you should visit a podiatrist. The podiatrist may in some cases detach a portion of the nail and prescribe medicine for the affected area.
            • Sprained or strained feet, broken bones
              A podiatrist has all the skills necessary to treat strained or sprained feet and fractured foot or ankle bones. He can create an elastic cast which would help in healing the area.
              • Surgery
                Foot or ankle surgery may sometimes be the last treatment that a podiatrist would recommend for you. A surgery is necessitated by conditions like bunions, fractured bones and reoccurring ingrown toenails.